About the IPA Conferences & Events Committee

The IPA Conferences and Events Committee is a board committee of the Integrative Providers Association (IPA) Board of Directors. As such, the IPA Conferences & Events Committee is responsible for the posting, announcing, producing, managing and archiving of all materials and footage related to IPA meetings, conferences and events. 

Furthermore, the IPA Conferences & Events Committee is tasked by the Board of Trustees to record and preserve the history of the IPA as it unfolds, so future generations may learn from the successes and mistakes of all past functions. The Committee publishes all notices, captures all footage and archives historical entries for the betterment of future generations.  Notices of each official board meeting, as well as membership board meetings, membership and family events, as well as membership workshops, can all be found on: ipaconferences.org. 

In addition, the committee is tasked with the creation, production, editing and management of all provider-originating media showcased by the IPA, and the unique content that is published on this website. Unless the board approves an existing filmed presentation, the Committee will be behind its creation, production and editing to ensure consistency with the standards of the IPA and our education partners. Furthermore,  all the content, data and information posted/hosted on this website is for the exclusive use of IPA members and prospective members. Use outside those parameters is strictly prohibited.

IPA members, and guests, may use any active discount code on any event admission, virtual or in-person, and receive the same percentage discounts on this platform as they would through any of their IPA proprietary mobile applications. This platform is an extension of the Integrative Providers Association, and is provided as a service to IPA members and prospective members.

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