IPA Roundtable Events where advocates, community leaders and leadership collaborates on solutions that advance the future of integrative healthcare, in unison so that affordable care is not only accessible but abundant.
IPAC2021 Pre-Conference Filming: Lectures and Panel Discussions
Salishan Clubhouse

IPAC2021 Pre-Conference Filmin...

Be A Part of History In direct response to the IPA survey co...
Board Meeting (Trustees)
Los Angeles
Aug 17-2021 Free

Board Meeting (Trustees)

Board of Trustees Meeting, Los Angeles California at Bob's B...
IPAC2021NV Conference at UNLV
UNLV - Las Vegas
Oct 25-2021 $599-$2499

IPAC2021NV Conference at UNLV

October 25 – 27, 2021 AT: UNLV – Greenspun Hall ...