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Welcome to the IPA Conferences and Events Committee Content Submission Portal. 

Here you will find all the necessary resources you need to participate in an IPAC conference or an IPA event. 

Regardless if you want to host, exhibit, sponsor, speak and/or present to our membership, it is the duty of this board committee to ensure all speakers, content, materials and contact activities meet the standards set by the IPA board, and the membership at-large. To be considered, please select from the option below that best suits your needs.


Perhaps you have a presentation to share, or you wish to speak at an IPAC conference or IPA event, great! We love working with other forward thinking individuals, brands and organizations who know how to use their influence to facilitate positive change on behalf of a better tomorrow. To be considered as a speaker, please fill out the speaker submission form located here and be prepared to fill out one, or more, COI disclosure statements (or similar) since the IPA has been known to obtain dual accreditation.  


Perhaps you and/or your company wishes to sponsor (or even host) an IPAC conference, roundtable, board meeting and/or event, great! We love to hear that!  In that, we still have to be careful given the influence of the IPA as an organization. Therefore, only select companies, product lines, services and brands will be considered and/or approved, however all are encouraged to apply. It never hurts to ask. One can start by filling out the sponsorship application located here. Any and all applicants that meet and/or exceed the established standards of the rubric shall be considered, and those approved will be contacted shortly after approval, generally within a few days of submission to complete the sponsorship process. 

Courtesy: UNLV Greenspun Hall, the official conference center for IPAC2021NV


Additionally, if you or your company want to exhibit your product line(s), food carts or beverages at any one or more of the virtual/in-person conferences or events, please submit a formal review request by filling out the exhibitor application located here. Be prepared to answer some questions about ownership and conflicts of interest that may or may not exist. The IPA is a fully compliant organization, as a strict matter of policy. 


Members, new and old, join with other guests and IPA leadership regularly at any one of many roundtables and board meetings held around the country, monthly. The IPA, and its board, are here to serve its members – with an open door policy. Members can get airtime at any one or more IPAC conferences, or IPA events, and should consider themselves empowered to voice the change they wish to see in the world. If you are an expert in your field and have something credible to share, come show IPA leadership and IPA members why, and how, you’ve become the expert you are in your field, and tell us how we can be of assistance. Schedules are tight, so please fill out the form from the selection above that best suits your intentions, and someone from the IPA Conferences and Events Committee will be in touch.

Disclaimer: It is paramount that it is understood by all those interested in speaking and/or presenting to IPA members, prior to submission, that not all companies/products/services will be considered, as a policy, nor will the Conferences and Events Committee be overruled by the IPA board  – or any other IPA membership committee – on any final decision made. 

Note: The IPA takes the credentialing and accreditation processes seriously and must manage all conflicts of interest, no matter how small, since the entire faith, credit and reputation of the IPA rests on the principles that guide these, and other, codes, policies and procedures. If you or your  company feels that you have been wrongfully denied, please submit your request for review to  the ombudsman office, via the organization’s ombudsman portal at: 


The IPA thanks you for your consideration in participating and presenting content to IPA members, attendees and guests, and we look forward to working with you to share your unique insight on your subject matter expertise at any one or more IPAC conferences, or IPA Events. In that, the IPA is working directly with both university medical schools and industry leading organizations to create, credential and distribute viable educational content specifically targeted to enlighten and empower integrative providers.

For the record: the IPA board of directors (trustees) and the IPA Conferences and Events Committee have elected to subscribe to,  and follow, guidelines established by the University of Nevada, Reno, UNR Medical School in an effort to maintain consistency with our long-term goals and board expectations. Therefore, the IPA Conferences and Events Committee prefers to only consider and present content that can/will be accredited by the university for educational contact hours, and rarely will the committee consider other content or presentations – unless they’re specifically asked for, or relevant to any subject matter of interest to our members such as but not limited to; policy, finance, wealth management and/or risk management.  

Content Submission Disclaimer: Per the IPA’s agreement with UNR Med School, the IPA Conferences and Events Committee subscribes to UNR Med School’s rubric for content consideration, and since all content is considered for Tier I ACCME Accreditation, all the content submitted must meet or exceed the established Tier I ACCME standards.  

Content Ownership Disclaimer: All content submitted remains the property of the content developer after submission. However, all content submitted to the IPA for consideration, also belongs to the IPA for educational, promotional and historical purposes and may be presented online in recorded format, or in-person via proctor, to members, attendees and/or guests of any IPAC conference and/or IPA event at the sole discretion of the IPA and/or IPA Conferences and Events Committee. If the content is licensed by the IPA, royalties will be paid in accordance with the Royalties Contract. To view the ROYALTIES CONTRACT CLICK HERE. 

Submitted content is reviewed for relevancy, accuracy and validity and a decision is made by a subcommittee as to whether IPA members are going to be exposed to the content or not. All decisions of the subcommittee are final.