Evan DeZeeuw, PharmD

Senior Vice President, Compassion Center

Dr. DeZeeuw is an educator and practicing pharmacist. He obtained his Doctorate of Pharmacy from The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy. He has experience as a Clinical and Compounding Pharmacist in Infusion Therapy and as a Pharmacist in Medication Therapy Management.

Dr. DeZeeuw founded Endocannacopia Education L.3.C., which provides cannabis & health education, resources and services to improve community well-being through education. Dr. DeZeeuw was a founding member of the Oregon Cannabis Clinicians Group, which put Dr. DeZeeuw on the radar of Compassion Center, Oregon’s oldest 501(c)(3) medical cannabis clinic.

Dr. DeZeeuw has been studying and researching cannabis for 10 years, with a focus on patient safety and education. Dr. DeZeeuw currently serves on the Health Equity and Patient Equity Subcommittees of the Oregon Health  Authority and Oregon Cannabis Commission, respectively. Dr. DeZeeuw is a founding member of the board of directors for the Integrative Providers Association, its companion PAC, AIPPPA and serves as Director of Paient Safety for Compassion Center.

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